Save Fuel and Money With These Simple Tips!

Implementing these useful tips can help become more fuel efficient!

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Simple Solutions to Increase Fuel Economy and Save Money On the Road

The ongoing battle for better fuel efficiency has been a staple of the trucking industry for a number of years. However, with the advancements in technology, and aerodynamics of trucks, the industry as a whole has seen significant changes and improvements over the last decade.

Overall, MPG is mainly about the driver, but here are a some components that can be implemented into a daily driving routine that will help reduce fuel consumption, increase fuel economy, and save money.

Tips and Techniques to Make a Gallon Go Further_________________

Take Advantage Of the Cruise Control Option

Using cruise control while driving keeps the truck moving at a steady pace, with little to no work from the driver. Less acceleration allows for more fuel to be conserved.

Avoid Unnecessary Speeds and Acceleration

Multiple rapid accelerations can lower fuel economy dramatically. As a general rule of thumb, for every 1 MPH that speed is increased, it can decrease fuel economy by about 0.1MPG.

Block Shifting

In short, block shifting is utilizing the trucks RPM’s while driving to skip gears in order to get to the higher coasting or highway gears. For example, going from 2nd gear to 5th, skipping the gears in between.

Reduce the Overall Weight

Reducing the overall weight of the truck and load can decrease fuel consumption tremendously. This can be done with the truck and trailer by choosing options such as lightweight parts. According to SmartWay, reducing 3,000 lbs. from a truck can save anywhere from 200-500 gallons of fuel a year.

Reduce Engine Idling Time

Avoid unnecessary engine idling where possible; an idling engine can burn almost 1 gallon of fuel an hour. Consistently idling an engine can have other consequences as well. Such as, increase engine maintenance costs, while simultaneously shortening engine life. Plus fumes, and harmful emissions can pose a serious health hazard.

Opting for More Fuel Efficient Equipment

While certain trucks have more aerodynamic features than others, there are still a number of options that can be considered apart from the cab. Using single wide-base tires and rims are lighter than two standard tires and rims. Total weight saving on average for a typical combination truck using single wide-base tires on its drive and trailer axles range from

800-1,000 lbs which can reduce fuel consumption or increase cargo capacity. Other options for equipment include, roof fairings, cab extenders, side fairings, and front bumber air dams. With features like these, it can improve the overall fuel economy by up to 15%, and save a typical combination truck an average of 2,400 gallons of fuel a year.

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For more information on increasing fuel efficiency, please visit the EPA website.