This T680 is Designed to Save Fuel and Money

With a configuration to fit all types of driving the fuel sipping T680 advantage will reduce costs

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In 2015, Kenworth introduced their T680 Advantage day cab. A year later they introduced a 52-inch mid-roof and 76-inch sleeper T680 Advantage package. 

Designed to maximize fuel efficiency, the Kenworth T680 Advantage features an optimized powertrain with either the PACCAR MX-13 or PACCAR MX-11 engine, Eaton Fuller Advantage™ series 10-speed automated transmission, and the new PACCAR Axle, the industry’s most efficient and lightest weight tandem drive axle.

T680 Advantage sleeper configurations come standard with  aerodynamic elements such as a front air dam, flared out fairings, lower sleeper faring extenders and FlowBelow wheel covers. Other worthy fuel-saving features on the inside include Kenworth's Predictive Cruise Control, Neutral Coast, and Driver Performance Assistant. 

“Regional haul and LTL fleets, as well as other truck operators, can now choose from the Kenworth T680 Advantage’s comprehensive line-up of day cab, 52-inch mid-roof and 76-inch sleeper configurations for outstanding aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, resulting in reduced operating costs,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director. 

In terms of comfort, the T680 Advantage has that covered also. Each sleeper is equipped with passenger swivel seats, adjustable suspension seats with climate control, a liftable lower bunk, upper storage units on the back wall large enough to hang clothes and jackets, and an optional upper bunk for driving teams. Not to mention the 2.1 meter wide cab provides ample space for most drivers. 

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Source: Kenworth

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