Tech Startup, Embark Partners with Peterbilt to Change the Trucking Industry with Self-Driving Trucks

Embark raised $15 million in financing for their truck technology and has big changes planned for the industry.

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In February, 2017 Embark caught the attention of Peterbilt when they revealed a Peterbilt 579 equipped with their prototype self-driving technology and software. According to Embark CEO Alex Rodrigues, Peterbilt will be manufacturing Embarks custom fleet at their Denton, Texas factory.








Although Embark is relatively new, they have made the most out of their short existence. In September, Embark released a video demonstrating two hours of continuous, autonomous highway driving without a single manual takeover by the driver including lane changes, and freeway transfers in a Peterbilt 579.







While the outside of the autonomous Peterbilt 579 has an assortment of bells and whistles, the cabs interior is a different story. It resembles a normal truck with the same steering wheel, pedals, and even the sleeper bed.

The true power of this autonomous capability is just underneath the bed. A complex series of Nvidia GPUs and other digital components give the Peterbilt its self-driving capabilities. While Embark does recommend that the driver keeps their hands on the wheel at all times (in order to correct any problems that may arise) and to navigate the truck on and off the freeway, the autonomous system will take over majority of the driving process making it much easier.








During the little time they have been around, Embark has already made a substantial impact on the technology designed to make the trucking industry better, safer, and drivers lives easier.

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Source: Embark, TechCrunch

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